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Bespoke Virtual Production Filmmaking Solutions


Dazzle Your Audience with enchanting CGI and custom virtual production solutions for an unforgettable cinematic experience. Our team of virtuosos meticulously crafts every detail with elite real-time computer graphics and captivating virtual environments.

Turning Every Thought into Reality: Your Vision, Our Technology

Our Approach

At the heart of every groundbreaking film lies a dynamic blend of real-time rendering, motion capture, and immersive virtual environments. We transform traditional filmmaking by fusing live-action footage with computer-generated imagery (CGI) and virtual sets right before your eyes.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology such as advanced motion capture systems, cutting-edge real-time rendering, expansive LED walls, and intuitive virtual cameras. No matter the size of your budget and studio, our portable VP studio can be installed swiftly in any setting in less than a day.

When Should You Use Virtual Production?

Virtual production isn’t just an innovative approach to filmmaking; it’s becoming a necessity for a range of scenarios where traditional methods fall short. Here are some reasons to transition your production into VP:

  • To create scenarios of remote or hazardous locations that are unattainable.
  • To craft imaginary worlds for bringing sci-fi and fantasy settings to life.
  • Reduce Costs with Global Settings by simulating international locales without travel expenses.
  • To Integrate Real & Virtual Worlds and blend live actors with digital elements.
  • To Enhance Green Screen and VFX Usage by adjusting visual effects in real-time on set.
  • Immediate On-Set Visualization to refine the final look during the shooting process.

The Virtual Production Stages at Blackbird

Our Process

Revolutionizing the traditional workflow, we make the final editing phase the quickest part of your project. Experience unparalleled efficiency and creativity at every virtual production stage.

1. Pre Production

  • Screenplay, storyboards, mood boards
  • Environment Design & Development
  • VFX Breakdown and Animatics
  • Basic preparations (Wardrobe, cast, etc)

2. Production

  • Virtual Production setup
  • Environments integration within VP
  • Shooting and On-set editing

3. Post Production

  • Editing &  Sound Design Using LED Volume
  • Editing &  Sound Design Using Chroma
  • Chroma keying and cleaning
  • Environment Rendering & Compositing

Our Features and Technology

Main Setup for Virtual Production

Optimize your production workflows with advanced motion capture and real-time rendering. Our state-of-the-art facilities include high-resolution LED Volume and Green Screen setups, allowing you to create immersive, photorealistic environments that respond dynamically to camera movements. 

Paired with powerful real-time rendering engines, this setup allows for instant adjustments and immediate visualization of creative concepts. Now,  you can seamlessly integrate physical and virtual elements to enhance the dynamic, efficient, and highly engaging of your production.

Option 1 - LED Volume

Virtual production using an LED volume combines physical sets with LED screens displaying dynamic digital environments. With high-resolution LED panels, we create immersive, photorealistic environments in real-time. This technology allows actors to interact seamlessly with their surroundings, enhancing performance and reducing the need for post-production adjustments.

Benefits of using LED Walls:

  • Accurate refractions when using glass and highly reflective elements
  • Lighting fidelity as the volume emits light, making the characters look more immersed
  • No green/blue spill
  • Actors can feel psychologically immersed in the environment and perform better
  • Real-time adjustments to backgrounds and lighting
  • Reduced need for post-production compositing
  • Dynamic and interactive environments

Option 2 - Green Screen

During a Green or Blue screen Virtual Production, a real-time simulation of the final output can be visualized on monitors during the shoot. By working with green screens, we help filmakers to visualize final scenes during filming, optimizing the shooting process and enhancing their creative output.

Benefits of using Green/Blue Screens:

  • More flexibility in camera movement and latency is not an issue
  • Ability to edit anything in post-production
  • Set construction is a plus but not a must in most cases
  • Versatile and cost-efficient
  • Enhanced creative possibilities
  • Consistent lighting for seamless integration
  • Professional quality results

Environment Design Process & Workflow

Each environment presents its own unique challenges, necessitating adaptable workflows. Here’s a quick walkthrough outlining the essentials of constructing any environment at Blackbird video production company:

STEP 1: Sketching & Concept art

Hand-drawn sketches at first, then colored artwork to give a clear idea of the look & feel of elements and direction.

STEP 2: Modular Assets Design, Modeling & Texturing

Create the building blocks and assets needed to build the environment using powerful graphic cards and cameras.

STEP 3: Level Design

Use the created assets to design the world and do the lighting to develop a suitable environment for the VP.

STEP 4: Adapt for Virtual Production

Once the environment is production-ready, we adapt it for real-time integration and develop assets for real-time control, ensuring seamless unreal engine virtual production.

Extras Integrations into Video Production

To bring large virtual environments to life, we use metahumans animated with our advanced motion capture suits. These digital characters act and behave exactly as directed, adding authenticity and dynamism to every scene. Beyond enhancing the background, our metahumans can seamlessly interact with real actors, creating a cohesive and engaging visual experience.

Real-Time Changes

Many aspects and elements of the environment can be modified and edited in real-time by the client, DOP, art director, or anyone using a regular Tablet. The features that can be edited during the shoot are usually agreed upon since the pre-production. These changes include:

  • Light changes: You can change the VP environment light according to the time of the day, Sun, or any light’s intensity, and any change in light color
  • Weather changes: You can create scenarios of rain, snow, thunder, sandstorm, wind intensity, and any other type of weather condition.
  • Artificial Props: You can add or change the colors, positions, and scale of props to enhance the visual appeal and authenticity of scenes.
  • Human Changes: You can adjust the number of human extras, their reactions, and apparel. This flexibility ensures that crowd scenes can be easily scaled and customized to fit the narrative

Gaussian Splatting

Instead of going to a location to shoot, we bring you the location to the studio!

Using Gaussian splatting, any operator equipped only with an iPhone can visit any location in the world and can scan any environment in less than 10 minutes using our GS app. Then, with advanced AI tools, we can reconstruct a 3D replica of the location which can be used as an unreal engine virtual production environment.

AI Integration

Using Artificial intelligence, we can generate environments in real time and project them onto the LED volume or as a replacement for the green screen. This technology is still at an experimental stage and is only recommended in productions that allow time for trial & error, testing, and development. 

Virtual Reality Preview

While on set, you can wear a Virtual Reality headset and be transported into the virtual world. This approach allows you to navigate freely, choose the right camera angle, and move some props around. You can now not just see but adjust the elements according to your project needs. It’s a 3D world, so even if you want to move a building, it’s possible and easy!

Motion Capture for VP

If you have a full 3D Production, our Motion Capture setup also integrates well with unreal engine virtual production. A live actor simply puts on a special suit and acts out movements. These movements are automatically applied to the 3D character and you can see them in real-time!

Our Physical Studio Space

We partner with Forest Studios to enhance our virtual production capabilities. This collaboration provides us with top-tier physical studio spaces that perfectly complement our advanced virtual production technology. With access to spacious and well-equipped facilities, we can seamlessly integrate physical and virtual elements. This unique landmark studio space ensures high-quality and immersive production experiences.

Basic Measurements of the Studio

Forest studios offer ample space to accommodate large sets, intricate props, and extensive equipment setups. With 14.5m Width * 11m Height * 22m Depth, this physical studio space is perfect for a wide range of production needs.

Professional Support

We also have dedicated and knowledgeable On-site technical support available on the Forest Studio Space. Their expertise ensures smooth and efficient production processes, from pre-visualization to final output.

Technology Prowess

Tracking Areas and Hardware Inventory for VP

A tracking area is the area upon which the camera can move freely. 

The camera movement will be translated in real-time onto Unreal Engine to simulate the real-time environment. 

The movable tracking area can be set up in three different ways:

Floor Tracking

A floor tracking area that consists of bars with IR markers, soft tiles, and connectors. It requires about 2 hours of installation and is easy to move and install on any flat ground surface.

Truss Tracking

This tracking area type is supplied in the form of Truss Reference Bars, which are fixed onto the truss using special fasteners. These trackers can be attached and detached and require a setup time and calibration of about 4 hours every time.

Tracking Pillars

The mobile Pillar Tracking Area consists of vertical reference bars positioned in pre-selected or arbitrary patterns. It is powered by a USB Type-C cable. The tracker gets its position relative to an infrared (IR) layout. The Vertical Environment supports 3 kinds of Pillars (with central markers positioned at different heights for the Alt tracker to determine its position faster).

Our Hardware Inventory


  • A tiny optical-inertial tracking module. 
  • The tracker is placed on objects that are being tracked. 
  • The tracker is attached to the camera and helps determine its position in 3D Space.


Custom-built virtual production lens encoding solution.

  • Viper attaches to any camera rig, making it easy to stream real-time lens data with no development time. 
  • One Viper system can track zoom or focal data, however, two systems together can track both.


A High-performing workstation with intensive computing power allows us to stream data in real-time from Unreal Engine.

All our machines are equipped with the following specs:

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU
  • Blackmagic Decklink 8K Pro
  • Intel CPU i9-14900k + 
  • Proper Cooling
  • More than 2TB NVME internal storage
  • 128 GB of RAM


Meet Our Virtual Production Studio Team

With more than 15 years in the animation and gaming industry, and more than 3 years of experience in cinematic
and filmmaking, we present to you our Virtual Production team.

Ralf Karam
Ralf Karam

Blackbird’s Managing Partner

Jeremy Boudjok
Jeremy Boudjok

CGI Cinematographer

Jack Akiki
Jack Akiki

Producer / AI Developer

Christian Karam
Christian Karam

Environment Artist

Johnny Karam
Johnny Karam

Environment Artist / TD



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between virtual production and traditional production?

Virtual production integrates digital elements and real-time rendering with live-action footage, allowing for immediate visualization and adjustments on set. Traditional production relies heavily on post-production for visual effects, which can be time-consuming and costly.

How does virtual production save time and money?

By visualizing and integrating visual effects during the shoot, virtual production reduces the need for extensive post-production work. This streamlined process saves time and resources, making the overall production more efficient and cost-effective.

Can virtual production be used for small-scale projects?

Absolutely. While virtual production is often associated with large-scale films, it can also be a valuable tool for independent filmmakers and small-scale projects. The technology is scalable and adaptable, making it accessible for a wide range of budgets and production sizes.

What technologies are involved in virtual production?

Virtual production is based on a variety of technologies, including real-time rendering engines, motion capture systems, 3D animation software, and virtual reality tools. These technologies work together to create a seamless integration of digital and physical elements.

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