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Virtual Production

Virtual production combines physical and virtual filmmaking techniques to create cutting-edge media. How it works: teams use real-time 3D engines (game engines) to create photorealistic sets, then display them on large LED walls behind physical sets using the real-time rendering capabilities of the game engines. The cameras are synced with the game engines for enhanced realism and depth of perspective.

Animated Videos & Web Series

Blackbird was founded as a studio designing animated content. Whether you’re looking for a simple 2D explainer video or a high-end 3D video that tells a moving story, we excel at both.

Just look at our portfolio and the clients that we’ve worked with.

We created a small guide to help you understand the process of 3D Animation.


Whether indoors or outside, projection mapping creates interesting effects and experiences for the viewer.

Projection mapping requires careful planning, so we’ll work with you to find the right projection hardware and help you refine the design and execution of your event.

VR, AR, & XR

Maybe you’ve come to Blackbird looking for more than video. Do you need a custom virtual experience where the user interacts with the environment? We have the technological tools and expertise to create fully realized virtual spaces for you and your clients.

We can also create simpler augmented and mixed reality experiences to engage and inform your clients and customers.

Mobile Apps & Games

Mobile gaming can be an excellent method of indirect marketing. A well-designed gaming experience can make a positive impression on potential customers, and provide you with another way to distribute your brand message.

Whether you’re developing a game for your brand, or you just have a fun idea you want to bring to life, we can do both!

Motion Capture

Normally, animating a 3D character involves a process of rigging, and then gradually animating the character using a variety of poses. Motion capture makes character animation a whole lot faster and simpler!

A live actor simply puts on a special suit and acts out movements. These movements are automatically applied to the 3D character! No more time-consuming character animations! You can even watch your 3D character move around in real-time, completely synced up with the actor in the studio! It’s an impressive piece of technology that we’re thrilled to have in our production pipeline.

Our motion capture studio is here for you. Simply reach out to us about what you need, and we’ll see how we can help.

Interactive Architectural Visualization

Architectural renderings used to be static images showing a space. Today, you can experience architecture in real-time. Using virtual reality, users can virtually explore a building months, or even years before it is built.

Real-time architectural visualization can be done using a VR headset or just using a phone or keyboard as you would in a video game.

Video Production

At Blackbird, we do much more than just animation. We also do live-action video. We can film in our greenscreen studio, or we can come to the location of your choice with our production experts to capture your vision for your content.


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