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IZZY Gummies

When food and beverage company IFFCO Dubai needed a company to handle their digital campaign for Izzy, a new line of chocolate candies and Gummies, they contacted us.

We were in charge of every aspect of the activation, including mobile app development, video production, web design and development, and online marketing.


Create a 360 Digital campaign expanding from 3D Animated content all the way to online marketing and mobile Games.

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Mobile Game Showcase

Astroman, Bouncy Bears, Fizz Drinks,
Wicked Watermelon, Sour Wrigglers, and Silly Fish are eager to take you on a treasure hunt. The treasures are candy and coins but they aren’t all buried in one place! It’s up to you to gather them as you go!

Social Content Showcase

First, we created colorful “Gummies” — six characters that represented each of the company’s products. These mascots appeared in photos and videos on Izzy’s social media pages, as well a mobile game where users could engage with the characters, collect coins and unlock power-ups.

3D Animated Videos

Winter Melon

Christmas Dinner


Cleaning Screen

Too Sad

Gummy Dreams

Halloween Special

Bouncy Bear & Treats

New Year Special

Introducing Berries!

Bouncy Bear at the Beach

Astroman and Watermelon

AstroMan Ziplining
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