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Available on both Apple and Android, BAAZ is a social network designed for the Arab world. In addition to other social media features, users can create fun 3D face avatars for their posts!

BAAZ selected Blackbird to design the augmented reality face avatars. We were also entrusted with creating BAAZ’s fun web content, including an animated promotional web series.


AR Faces Design, 3D Ads, Social Media content and more!

  • Client

    BAAZ Jordan

3D Videos

Episode 1 - Anis & The magic mirror

Episode 2 - Background Changing Feature

Episode 3 - Library Mysteries

2D Videos

Episode 4 - Meet BAAZ

Episode 5 - Virtual Account

Episode 6 - Verified Account

Episode 7 - Stickers Feature

Augmented Reality Face Avatars

AR Tracking Sample

Additional Characters we Designed

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