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Attended motion capture sessions via video calls

Motion Capture on-demand

Our unique motion capture on-demand service, revolutionizing the way users bring their creative visions to life. Through our platform, clients participate in live video sessions, remotely directing skilled actors to perform desired movements and actions.

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What we do

Whether you’re looking for high-end animation, or searching for a studio to build virtual experiences, Blackbird has the technology and expertise to make your project happen.

We are at the forefront of the latest tech developments in VR and animation. This has allowed us to cultivate an innovative production pipeline unlike any other. From 3D animation to mobile development and Mixed Reality Experiences, we do it all, achieving world-class results every time.

Motion Capture Studio

Where Technology
Meets Art

One of the most advanced Motion Capture Studios in the area.

We thrive on creating virtual worlds with 3D animated characters. We even craft much of our animation in our state-of-the-art on-site motion capture studio.
Motion capture brings animation to life quickly! Rendering 3D animated geometry can be a long process, so we run our entire animation workflow in real-time. This eliminates delays so that your project comes to life faster!

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