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Blackbird is a full-service digital solutions provider based in the UAE.

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We’re more than just a leading creative animation and Interactive Solutions studio in the heart of the UAE. We’re passionate creators of immersive digital content.

Whether you’re looking for interactive mobile development, or searching for a studio to build detailed virtual experiences, Blackbird has the technology and expertise to make your project happen.

As one of the top studios in the area, we are at the forefront of the latest tech development and animation. This has allowed us to cultivate an innovative production pipeline unlike any other. From 3D animation to mobile development and Interactive experience, we do it all, achieving world-class results every time.


Creative studio with art & technology.

At Blackbird, we’re a creative group of artists, designers, animators, and filmmakers. You can easily fit us into three main teams



These are the fashionable artistic creative folks who make things look amazing.



They understand how everything works at a deep level. Throw a hackathon at them, and you’ll know they’ve got your back.



Whether virtual or in real life, they’re the public face of Blackbird, making sure you and your projects run smoothly and look perfect.

You could say we’re pioneers in our field.

Some Firsts


When we were still in our startup days, we had the privilege of creating the first stereoscopic movie to ever be produced in the Middle East. It was a huge success and pushed us to develop new technologies just to reach that goal. The Lebanese Ministry of Education even premiered the film at a special event.

Motion Capture

In 2016, we built our motion capture studio, the first of its kind in Lebanon and we’re privileged to have access to this impressive technology. We’re also happy to be able to offer mo-cap services to other agencies, production houses, and animation studios in our region, and in Europe.

Interactive Architecture

We created ARKiworld in 2015, one of the world’s first architectural visualization VR platforms. It allows home buyers or builders to experience a property long before it’s ever built. This is an important factor in guiding architectural decisions.

Some friends we've made along the way

Our Clients

Though most of our clients are located in the Gulf region, primarily Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, we also are privileged to work with clients from Europe and some parts of the US and Canada.



Reserve Sports | Kulluna Irada | Ana Aqra Association | Dip to color | Rotana | Leo Burnett | Arabnet | Virgin Megastore | Smartex | Mena MD | Fady Raidy | Fattal Group | Rizk Group | Abi Ramya Bros sal | Doculand | Filmgram | Rafic Bawab & co. | Radioone | Midis Group | Georges Khabbaz | Khoolood  | T-12 | Alam Pharmacy | Golden Food sal | Adrenaline | Fondation Liban Cinema | Delta | Malik’s Bookstore | Cafe Super Brasil | Magic Arm | Third Eye FX | Brandem | Wonderful Productions | On Device Research | The Hub sal | Studiovision | RTB Prod | Crystallia | Bee Beauty | Trillium Development | Prodiotech | Resonance sal | IFP Group | Accelerate Online | Falafel Games | Ginger SAL | Innovator’s League SAL | Midware | MMKN NGO | Al-Kazzi Nuts | Bad S. SAL | Bright Lab SAL | iMagic | Natural Star | Paravida Group

United Arab Emirates

IFFCO | TBWA | Charisma TV | Saatchi & Saatchi | IStyle | Bid4luxury | JWT | Bid Avenues | Leo Burnett | Dubai Cares | Diwanee | The Talkies

Saudi Arabia

Godiva | Impact BBDO | Saoudi Signs | iStyle | Saoudi Stock Exchange | Al-Obeikan | STC | Al-Marai | Al Hadara | On Device Research | Timecodes Communcations | Metron | Dice Marketing | Made in Saudi Films | 2Moons Productions


Arki – Canada | Polhmann Creative – Germany | The Construct – Switzerland | Datacom – Kuwait | Baaz – Jordan | Eosnet – Greece

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